Complete Guide to YouTube

Getting Started

I'm going to keep adding to this single article, which will teach you everything I know about starting and growing an online brand.  Follow along in chronological order until you complete all the steps and take in all of my advice.

Make a Plan

Ask yourself why you want to be a video creator.  What is your goal?  What would success look like to you?  Always try to separate your definition of success vs what other people tell you.  The more you can define your own metrics of success, the better the process of getting there will be.

What is the promise of your brand?  Life is all about making promises.  If you keep those promises, you will build trust.  Gaining the trust of people who consume your content will convert them into actual followers.  You want followers because interact, give helpful feedback and add value to your community.  Followers will help share your content.  But if you break promises, your audience loses trust and might leave altogether.

Map Out Your Brand Empire